about andreas fitness

About Andreas fitness

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m extremely proud to be helping you boost your health and fitness.



My own fitness journey began when I joined the British Army, aged just 18. Not long after, I was deployed to Afghanistan, where I trained serving soldiers coping with the punishing physical demands of duty during scorching heat and intense cold. It was an experience that changed my life forever.

Arriving home safely, I passed the Army Physical Training Instructors Course and dedicated myself to teaching fellow soldiers, including new recruits and injured personnel, how to improve their physical health.

After I left the Army in 2014, I became a personal trainer and eventually set up my own Bootcamp UK franchise in Salisbury. When over 40 people turned up for my first session, I knew I’d found my niche in the world.

The members loved my classes so much that I expanded the business into Andover and Southampton, with yet more locations coming soon. We now have an outstanding community of more than 400 fantastic, fitter and healthier members.


I like to practice what I preach and set an example of what we’re all capable of. That’s why I put myself through extreme challenges – from two miles of burpees in 30° sunshine to running 456km over seven days while carrying a barrel on my back – and raise money for causes close to my heart, such as Combat Stress.

My mission in life is to make people a little happier each day by encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that with a just a small amount of exercise and a thoughtful approach to diet, we can create a happier society for all. Join me and I’ll show you how.

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